General Manifesto

The International Party is one that believes in the following core ideas:
  1. Small states, cooperating globally.
  2. The dilution of power and the rule of law.
  3. Harmony with nature.
  4. Competitive and cooperative markets.
  5. Low cost and low interventionist policies.

These core ideas branch out into specific policy proposals, summarised as follows:
  1. Create a forum for the discussion of state borders and regional independence.
  2. Develop a world order of district states that cooperate in larger confederacies (with Switzerland as an example as one of the most wealthy countries in the world).
  3. Allow as much freedom and civil rights as possible to citizens, balanced by civil responsibilities.
  4. Reduce the sizeof legislative councils, such as parliaments, to close around 50 members.
  5. Replace the system of one state president with a tripartite of three presidents that share management power.
  6. Reduce the size ofexecutive councils, such as cabinets, to maximum ten members.
  7. Allow for the random appointment of legislative council members from a pool of willing citizens who passed a qualifying exam.
  8. Keep laws and regulations at a practical minimum.
  9. Change the money creation process such that new money goes to government first, as a gift, then filter through to commercial banks, without creating any inflation.
  10. Where possible, privatise all state owned enterprises in a gradual and fair way.
  11. Gradually pay off government debt and keep it at zero.
  12. Abolish the mandated retirement age of 65; allow people to work as long as they can.
  13. Consolidate all social grants, pensions and unemployment insurance into a basic income grant for all in exchange for community service.
  14. Simplify the tax code such that ordinary people will understand it.
  15. Introduce a capital tax while abolishing property transfer, capital gains and inheritance tax.
  16. Simplify the deeds transfer systems such that lawyers are no longer needed to operate the process (similar than the one for cars).
  17. Prohibit further investment in fossil fuel capacity, allow only renewable energy.
  18. Ban all non-durable plastic packaging and utensils.
  19. Legalise a regulated market for endangered species, if they could be bred.
  20. Enlarge nature reserves to provide more living space for wild species.
  21. Replace the quota system of water allocation with a free wholesale market one.
  22. Prioritize and zone desert areas for urban and irrigation development.
  23. Build new environmental friendly cities that are free of auto mobiles. This is a grand opportunity for job creation, urbanisation and social upliftment on a massive scale.
  24. Build an underground canal to channel water from the Congo River to the Sahara Desert to enable new cities, massive irrigation, capture carbon and lower sea levels (see picture below).
  25. To alleviate unemployment, introduce self-serving cooperatives where willing people are organised in a fixed structure to work mostly for each other.
  26. Train more doctors and medical staff by reducing course lengths, abolish compulsory community service and remove other obstacles where practical.
  27. Provide reactive medical cover in the form of state loans to those who need to pay for medical treatment.
  28. The state should provide each citizen with a voucher to visit a health care provider on a regular basis for a general check-up and health and dental treatment.
  29. Expand the training of GPs to include basic dental and eye care, so they can clean teeth and test eyes and prescribe spectacles during general check-ups.
  30. Change the organ donation system from an ‘opt-in’ to an ‘opt-out’ principle.
  31. Legalise a regulated market for human organs in order to improve the supply thereof and to compensate the family of diseased organ donators.
  32. Licence and regulate soft recreational drugs, and the venues to sell them in a safe and controlled manner.
  33. Gradually reduce the legal nicotine content of tobacco products (cigarettes) to eventually zero.
  34. Gradually reduce the legal sugar content of soft drinks (such as colas) to a healthy non-addictive level.
  35. Allow euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  36. Instead of subsidising education from the top-down, switch to a bottom-up approach. In this every child receives a voucher to pay for education at a willing school of their choice.
  37. Children should be able to receive schooling in their mother language until at least grade 12.
  38. Schools should be allowed to determine their own policies on corporal punishment.
  39. Gradually privatise universities, schools, hospitals and clinics.
  40. Provide poor students with state loans to pay for tertiary education, but only for professional fields where their career and earnings prospects are good.
  41. Introduce a maximum wage whereby no employee or consultant eventually earns more than five times that of any other employee within a firm.
  42. Replace any minimum wage regulation with a basic income grant in exchange for community service.
  43. Besides the wage limits and health and safety requirements, governments should keep labour regulations to a minimum, thus allow a hire-and-fire situation.
  44. Minor offenders should be allowed a choice between imprisonment and corporal punishment.
  45. Violent criminals, such as rapists, child molesters and murderers, should be castrated as a method of deterrence, punishment and rehabilitation.
  46. Capital punishment should be allowed as an option to punish severe violent criminals such as serial murderers.
  47. Prisoners should work in prison factories and farms to earn money, and pay for their accommodation and food.